A while back a co-worker pointed me to the Fat Cyclist blog: www.fatcyclist.com

I like his writing style and goals: ride and lose weight. So what's not to like?

Um... Fatty? Seriously?

Reading his blog archives he got upset when his weight was in the 180s. Now he's around 160 and still calling himself "Fatty."

OK, reality check-

Fatty prepping for the Ogden Marathon, May 2011 

Me (Leedo, NormalGuyTri, etc) at the Beaver Lake Tri, August 2010

Notice the difference? The last time I was 160 I think I was 12. I broke 200 at age 14 and never looked back! If I was near 0% body fat I would still weigh in around 210 lbs (seriously).

I hope the sarcasm is not lost on too many of you. Fatty runs a great blog and I applaud his riding, racing, and weight management efforts. But come one, you call yourself FAT? Sorry, I gotta whip out one of my favorite music videos of all time-

"And my shadow weighs 42 lbs! Let me tell you once again... Who's fat?" Yes, drafting behind me is like riding behind a 4x8 sheet of plywood, or so they tell me.

So if Fatty is "fat," that just means I have my own built in wet suit. Unless the water temp is under 58, then I whip out the farmer john-

Issaquah Tri, June 2010

I do like the way he puts his weight right in a widget on his site. I may steal that idea. With another 30 pounds to shed I could use a bit more public motivation to lower that number.

One more anecdote: If your bike weighs less than 10% of your total body weight then you spent too much on your bike. I can’t believe I just said that. Is it possible to spend too much on bike gear?


Update: Fatty is doing a great fundraiser on his blog for the Livestrong Challenge. For every $5 donated to his team he will give you 1 entry to win a Trek SuperFly 100. Check it out.