Cycle Oregon Countdown: 2 Days To Go!

Packed and ready!2 days to go until Cycle Oregon 2011!

What did I just type? 2 days left? AAHHH!! Panic time! Well, not quite but time is very short. This is where I will probably spend the least amount of time sleeping. Why won't that be tomorrow night? Well, because tonight is my last night at home before I drive down to Sutherlin, Oregon and begin my adventure. That's right, Cycle Oregon Day 0 starts tomorrow at approximately 10 am.

Tonight I will spend several hours laying awake in bed running through my packing list and memories of the 2009 ride thinking about all the things I may have forgotten. How many times will I get out of bed to check my bag to make sure _____ (fill in the blank) is still in the bag? My prediction is 2. Any odds on 3 or more?

The entire drive from Sammamish, Washington to Sutherlin, Oregon is about 357 miles which I should be able to cover in just about 6 hours. Leaving at 10 am will put me there around 4 pm, assuming I don't stop to do any shopping along the way, which I most likely will do.

Several people have asked me if I will be using my blog or social media on this ride and the answer is a resounding, "YES!" And so I present...

Top 5 Ways to Follow Me on Cycle Oregon 2011

  1. this website) - You can do the direct link or use the RSS feed. If you are reading this then you know where to find me. I will be posting regular updates, possibly every day but at least 2-3 times during the week. After the ride I will post a full-write up. But first I will need have some time to sort through all the pictures and collect my thoughts.
  2. Facebook - You can Like me on Facebook or even read the RSS feed. I will be sending out brief updates throughout the week, most likely several times a day.
  3. Twitter: @normalguytri - This will be almost a full duplication of what's on Facebook since the two are linked.
  4. Flickr - I will periodically be posting pictures taken from my phone on a Flickr Set I created for this ride.
  5. Google+ - Just look for Lee Donnahoo on Google+. Not sure I will update it much but maybe I'll post there a couple of times.

Of course all this assumes that I have the right cord for my phone to recharge it along the way. Or maybe I'll use the Blogmobile. I considered buying a Spot or the Garmin GTU 10 to automatically broadcast my location but I couldn't justify the cost. The ability to have a website with your current coordinates is very attractive, especially with the Spot where you don't need cell service to use it, but with a ride like Cycle Oregon they have you covered in emergencies. For future hikes or unsupported rides it may help to ease some minds (i.e. my wife's) but that decision will not be made today.