2012 Race/Ride Calendar

Note: Race Calendar and Race Results pages are now live. Check them out!

There is never a derth of events to coordinate each year. My Tri goals for this year are quite simple-

  1. Finish more than 1 race.
  2. Finish a half-iron distance (70.3 or similar)

Here is how it is shaping up at this point-

June 2 - Issaquah Tri (Sprint)

June 23 - Pacific Crest Long Course Tri (Half-iron distance, ~70.3 miles)

July 28 - Federal Escape Olympic

Aug. 18 - Beaver Lake Tri

Sept. 15 - Grand Columbian Olympic (unless I do Cycle Oregon again)

Training: For this year I am going with the same training regimine that I didn't follow last year, although I meant to do so, the 20 week, run-focused, Olympic plan from beginnertriathlete.com. Once I complete that program in late May I intend to extend my cycling/running mileage but maintain my swimming. This will be a first for me, if I can pull it off. Schedules and illnesses always seem to throw me off course. We'll see how this pans out.

Rubber side down folks!