Starting from square ONE... 2019 edition

“Start at the beginning!”

“And when you come to the end… STOP.”

  • March Hare and Mad Hatter, Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

Sorry folks, sob story time…

In 2014, I did the Issaquah Triathlon with my son Patrick, his first and only full-distance triathlon (still haven’t written this one up). Not long after that race I had the first of 2 different injuries that effectively ended my race seasons and ruined my summers for 2013 and then 2014. Then, after having issues with memory, attention, and energy, I was diagnosed with some other health issues that required some interventions (moderate and treatable, not severe). And I haven’t been in a triathlon since.

That Issaquah Tri in 2014 was my last race of any kind. In the mean time a few other things have happened -

  1. My son Patrick discovered an amazing love of mountain biking, which I have joined him on numerous occasions. He now owns a bike far more expensive than any of my bikes. This injustice must be rectified!

  2. In 2015 I rode in the RAMROD bike ride and *almost* finished. (more to come later)

  3. I have been numerous local mountain bike races, even taking the points race in the Clydesdale category in the Vicious Cycle Fat Tire Revolution racing series in 2017 (the last year they did a race series).

  4. I was promoted at work and then changed jobs, which affected my ability to ride to work (i.e. not nearly as often, even though I am now only 5.5 miles from home)

  5. In 2018 I strained my back during a race in Leavenworth Washington on the Freund Canyon trail at the Bikes and Brews Festival, but it was worth every minute of pain afterward. Unfortunately my bike mileage suffered that summer and hasn’t really recovered.

And that brings me to my current state of affairs…

  • I am over 320 pounds, the most I have ever weighed in my life.

  • My energy level and fitness are at all-time lows.

  • In 2018 I rode the fewest miles than any year since I started cycling again in 2007 and this year is on track to be even worse.

  • I haven’t actually gone on a run for fitness purposes since November 2018, and I only recorded 3 runs that year. None so far for 2019.

  • I haven’t done a swim workout since… I can’t remember.

So I am back basically at square one. The same place I was back at the beginning of 2005 when I looked like this-

Me with Boy #2 and Boy #3 when they were just a few days old

Me with Boy #2 and Boy #3 when they were just a few days old

Granted, in that shot my twin boys were barely a month old and sleeping through the night was a pipe dream, but my health was terrible. I was about 315 lbs back then and my cholesterol and blood pressure were through the roof. I did a program back then to change my health and get into shape through a local health club, spending a LOT of time and money. 18 months after that, in 2007, I did my first triathlon at the behest of a friend, and the rest is history.

Now I look like this-

Bad selfie!

Bad selfie!

I picked a bad selfie for a reason: I look terrible and no one wants to see a fat guy with a gut.

Compare that to how I looked before the Beaver Lake Tri in 2011, 50 pounds ago…

Just before the Beaver Lake Tri 2011

Just before the Beaver Lake Tri 2011

So where does this leave me? Looking for training plans and options for NEXT year. I was hoping to be able to take my son on a week-long cycling trip in Oregon this fall but that isn’t going to happen (at least not this year).

My current goals:

  1. Ride to work at least 3x per week for the rest of the year, starting next week (this week is a 3-day holiday week and there’s no way I can fit in that much riding before being gone for 4 days).

  2. Ride the rim of Crater Lake during one of their car-free Saturdays in September.

  3. Shed at least 50 pounds by the end of 2019 through diet and exercise with the stretch goal of getting down to 250 lbs by June 1, 2020, the unofficial start of the race season in Seattle.

  4. Go on at least 2 bike camping adventures with my sons.

  5. Ride at least 2000 miles by the end of the year.

  6. Be able to comfortably run a 10K by the end of the year.

  7. Track it all on this fabulous blog. }B^)

So that’s it. I’m basically starting at square one. AGAIN. (hence the 2019 edition in the title)

Will it stick this time? Will I actually do it? We’ll see. I mean, I’ve tried hitting the reset button before and it didn’t really work.

I mean… What’s the worst that could happen, right?