2011 Plans

My plans for 2011 appear to be solidifying.

July 9 - Ocean Shores Olympic

July 30 - Federal Escape Olympic 

Aug. 20 - Beaver Lake Tri

Sept. 17 - Grand Columbian Olympic

I won't be able to do my usual season kick-off race, the Issaquah Tri (Sprint), due to family scheduling issues. It's one of my favorites.

My training regimine should be pretty straight forward: I am extending the 16-week plan I used last year to 20 weeks. This will be the 20 week, run-focused, Olympic plan from beginnertriathlete.com. Ramping up my running for that olympic distance last year gave me a great pace on my sprint distance events.

I have spent quite a bit of time over the last week testing various site templates, widgets, javascript, and flash objects. The site should be ready for launch within a month.