Cycle Oregon - Past and Future?

Just a quick update...

You may have wondered what I have been doing over the last month? I know I have! 

Well, it all started with a snow storm...

Our house after the big dump, just before we got out the snow shovels. That's about 9" of snow in the grass.When it was all said and done we ended up with about 10" of snow, a little more than average. That was followed-up by an ice storm. The one-two punch of snow and ice literally shut down the area for a week starting on January 16th. Luckily our power outage only lasted for a single day but the end result was that my kids didn't go to school for a week. 

I took some time and started writing up my ride reports from Cycle Oregon 2011. Eventually I'll add reports from Cycle Oregon 2009 when I have the time.

In the mean time Cycle Oregon announced their route for 2012: Bly, Silver Lake, Ft. Klamath, Crater Lake, Prospect, Ashland, Mt. Ashland, and back to Bly. 

Cycle Oregon 2012 RouteThe route covers nearly 500 miles and 40,000 feet of climbing. They did indeed climb add the highest paved road in Oregon (Crater Lake) but they also added the second highest paved road, the Mt. Ashland Ski area access road. So on the 5th day of the ride they essentially do the Mt. Ashland Hill Climb.

I expected the route to sell out quickly but many people were not prepared for it to sell out in *gasp* 40 minutes! I predicted 20 hours but that wasn't even close. My plan from the beginning was to wait for the sellout and be the first to sign up for the wait list. This gives me more time to butter-up the wife and convince her that I need to go. If that doesn't work I have other plans.

So I have some work to do to prepare for whatever this summer ends up being. More to come...